Surgical Recovery Shapewear

We often get asked the question: “Do I need a Stage 1 or a Stage 2 compression garment?

The second most asked question is: “What is the difference between a Stage 1 and a Stage 2 compression garment?”

Confused as to why you should wear compression garments at all?

Stage 1 or Stage 2 compression garments can be confusing and sometimes misunderstood.

In order to answer the first question fully, we need to understand the reasons why wearing surgical grade compression garments is highly recommended after a procedure, and what does a compression garment really do.

No matter what type of surgical procedure you have, the chances are that swelling will follow.

This is simply because whenever there is “trauma” to the body, in this case as a result of a surgery, the body sends more blood flowing to the site to promote healing.

Why does this Happen ? 

Increased blood pumping to the area means more fluid building up in the surrounding tissue.

Another reason why the body can swell after a surgical procedure, is the increased fluids added to the body during general anaesthesia.

surgical grade compression garment helps control the swelling by reducing the amount of fluid build-up in the surrounding area and helping the increased fluid to drain out of the body via the lymphatic system.

Trauma to the body also results in bruising. Blood capillaries can get damaged during the procedure and cause small amounts of blood to be trapped just under the skin.

By compressing the area, the surgical garment helps push this blood out of the body through the lymphatic system.

Surgical incisions can turn into raised, lumpy and sometime discoloured scars. By adding compression to the incision, the surgical grade garment can help flatten the scar and prevent lumps from forming.

Our surgical recovery garments are made from anti-bacterial fabric that helps prevent infection and keeps the garment (and you) fresher for longer.

Medical Compression Shapewear